Alphabet Game


June 26, 2012 by Cassy

So being new into this beauty industry, I’ve only heard about BB cream from my friend back in 2009.  She gave me a bottle from The Face Shop (I think) and I had it with me for several months before it exploded in my purse.  I remember keeping it in my car for emergency touch-ups and on days when I’m too lazy to put on foundation (oh gawd, I wish I had someone to teach me the benefits of good, matching makeup back then).  Three years later, I found myself in South Korea overlooking their huge selection of BB cream and everything else I could possibly want to play with.  So I got myself one to try, which I’ll review some other time.  Back to my point (yes, there is one), BB cream products are overly saturated in the US now.  So naturally, cosmetic manufacturers have come up with something else for us to spend money on.  I’m talking about CC cream.

The CC is for color control.  And these are suppose to be the next generation of BB cream.  The trend started in 2010 in Asia (isn’t it funny how they are so ahead of us in terms of fashion and beauty product innovation?) but I’ve only recently began to notice the trend here in the US.  So how are they better than BB cream?  Well, they have added benefits like more whitening, brightening, long-lasting, SPF, anti-aging, moisturizing and more coverage.  Also, they have lighter texture and doesn’t have silicone, so your skin can breathe!  Did I also mention that there are different shades of CC cream?  For example, pink shades perk up dull skin suffering from poor blood circulation, yellow shades conceal redness, while blue corrects yellow tones and offer a translucent and bright finish. Other hues such as green or lavender are also available.

I’m not trying to promote or demote CC cream (haven’t even tried it, although I would love to), but seriously when will this alphabet game stop?  There’s already DD cream (daily defense) and EE cream (early elimination) in Asia.  Heck, going at this rate, we’ll all have super skin and supermodel good looks by 2020 :)


2 thoughts on “Alphabet Game

  1. Daniela says:

    Hi there,
    I was wondering where you spotted this EE cream ? do you have a product example ?
    Thanks a lot

    • PB Blog says:

      Hi Daniela,

      I don’t have any product example because I found the EE cream article in Mintel’s Colour Cosmetics May 2012 edition ( They didn’t provide an example of EE cream but noted that “But with consumers attracted by novelty, is it now time ripe to move further down the alphabet with a DD cream? This has already happened in Asia, where DD creams have been spotted on the market. In these cases, DD may stand for daily defence or defence dry, but there is plenty of room to find alternative definitions such as double defence, with UV and anti-ageing protection. EE creams, meanwhile, could offer early elimination of nascent blemishes or signs of ageing.”

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