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June 28, 2012 by Cassy

Hey, did you know that products can’t truly be 100% free of anything?  There are always incidentals and in fact, FDA has a defect levels handbook that tells companies the limit for mold, rodent and insect filth.  It’s alarming, but don’t worry, the amount is extremely small.  It’s even smaller if companies do their due diligence and have good quality control.  If not, maybe you’ll be that one lucky person with a piece of rat hair or maggots in your energy bar.

Anyway, what this means for companies that use raw ingredients in their products is that their final good can contain contaminates that are okay per FDA to sell to us.  And honestly, everyone uses these ingredients (I’m looking at you, wheat and nuts).  If company X is making a face wash that contains wheat, let’s just say I’m expecting an “average of 9 mg or more rodent excreta pellets and/or pellet fragments per kilogram” that goes into the mixing process and then possibly be present in the end product that I own.  I have to say *possibly* because some companies may sterilize or treat their products with certain chemicals or radiation (not cool) to decrease or eliminate the filth.

Just thought I’d liven up your Thursday with this little piece of information I know.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go make some moldy coffee.  Yum.


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