Wipes versus Cleansers

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July 5, 2012 by Cassy

I’ve always been using cleanser to remove my makeup, but just last year, I started using Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes because they were on sale at Costco.  I also spoke to my beauty-addict friend, and she swears by the wipes.  In fact, she said she doesn’t even bother using cleanser anymore, and her skin feels great.  But is just using wipes enough?


  • No mess, I don’t need to be next to a sink
  • Convenient, I can use this anywhere
  • Effective, I can remove my entire makeup with just one sheet
  • Efficient, because I can be so tired/lazy after a long night
  • Easy to clean off your eye makeup.


  • Expensive.  On average, the Neutrogena wipes cost $0.30/sheet, so for a 2-month supply (60 sheets), you’re spending $18.  Most of my cleansers last for 2 months and cost half of that.
  • I don’t get the “clean” feeling after using these face wipes.  It makes me want to use a cleanser or wash it off with water.
  • I wonder how much waste I’m contributing to the planet by using this versus a cleanser.

For cleansers, I like to switch between brands to find one that’s both effective in removing all the makeup and that also hydrates my skin.  My current cleanser is Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser.


  • Not drying, my skin doesn’t flake after using this
  • Completely removes the makeup, including some residue that the wipes leave behind
  • Smells good, smells like oranges
  • Light on the skin, I didn’t burn or break out into rashes after using this product
  • A little bit will work.  I first applied a lot and realized it took forever to wash off, so now I use about a dime size.
  • Has anti-aging and positive skin benefits like firmness, texture, and smoothness.


  • Expensive.  I thought the wipes were expensive, but this brand is premium so the price matches the name.

So the final verdict?  Once you’ve found a good cleanser, it’s hard to convert and switch to anything else.  I think I’m gonna keep my cleanser and use those wipes on those lazy Saturday nights.


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