10 Natural Caffeine Alternatives


July 18, 2012 by Cassy

Did you know that the #1 addiction in the world is caffeine?  Well it should be money, but what do I know.  Like everything, it’s good to take things in moderation.  Caffeine is great for jogging your memory, body detoxification, boosting your energy, easing depression, and increasing your stamina.  Too much and you’ve got restlessness, irritability, anxiety, and high blood pressure.  Pretty much sums me up without caffeine.  However, there are natural ingredients out there that has the same effect as caffeine so you don’t have to pick up that extra glass of coffee.

1.  Ashwagandha – Ash-wa-what?  This is an ingredient that means “essence of a horse”.  It’s a powerful adaptogen, which has the ability to provide stamina and energy when you need it or rejuvenate and calm the system and balance hormones when you also need it.

2.  Chá de bugreit’s a tree!  Offers great natural energy and a natural appetite suppressant.  Click here to learn more.

3. Gingko Biloba – This is a great substitute for caffeine because it increases blood flow to the brain and the extremities. Increased blood flow can resemble the affects of exercise on the body, causing an individual to feel more awake and energized.

4.  Ginseng – This ingredient has been reported to build energy in the body and increase health and vitality.  It has also been said to increase mental awareness and clarity.  Too bad ginseng tea tastes awful to me.

5.  Green Tea – the AWESOMEST ingredient ever.  Some   people describe Green Tea as a calmer form of energy, in contrast to the “rush” that may derive from caffeinated beverages.  I’m in love with this ingredient, not just because I’m Asian.

6.  Maca–  Maca has been deemed by Ancient Peruvians as a highly nutritious,  energy-instilling food.  It has also been used as a remedy to enhance strength and stamina.

7.  Yerba Mate –  Yerba Mate is chockfull of antioxidants and vitamins and does not produce the caffeine-related crashes experienced with coffee.  It has been said to give you 3-4 hours of stable, clean energy.

8.  Apples – It’s a common misconception that apples have a comparable amount of caffeine to coffee.  Apples won’t give you a buzz like coffee will because it actually lacks caffeine, but the natural sugar will give you an energy boost.

9.  Chai – Has tons of spiced flavor but light in caffeine content.  Will still pick you up without all the guilt.

10. Chocolate – Yea, I had to add this because Godiva is making a fortune out of me every month.  It’s an antioxidant, has caffeine, and health benefits.


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