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July 23, 2012 by Cassy

TechCrunch announced that there’s a new iPhone app for consumers to check which skin care products work best for them based on questionnaires regarding skin conditions, lifestyle, diet, etc.  I downloaded this free app and played around with some of its functions just to see how accurate it is.

Skin Assessment:  This is the part where they asked you a bunch of questions about your skin type and select the products best fit for you.  You can then also see who else has similar profile and what products have worked for them. I do love that they let you filter out products that have damaging chemicals as part of the questionnaire.  Then you get a whole mess of products recommended for you with star ratings and user reviews.  Their recommendations are good, and I will try a lot of these products as soon as I finish my current selections.  I’m liking this app so far, since it’s a compilation of a lot of products out there on the market.  Maybe in the future, they can enhance the assessment questionnaires and provides us with better/accurate product matches.  But for now, I do like it and the wishlist section is great for when I’m looking for a next product to try.

Link to the app.


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