Why I Hate Social Media


July 31, 2012 by Cassy

Rant ahead.  I warned you.




Facebook.  I hate you because all I ever see are stupid statuses about how bored you are, food pictures, fuzzy glamour shots, and supposedly funny pictures they found around the internet.  None of which made me laugh or piqued my interest enough to click and share.  Once in awhile I see their “Likes” and that made me detest companies that are forcing people to like a status/photo/page to be eligible to win some lame prize.  I admit it, I have liked a few pages in the past because I wanted to get my grubby hands on their products.  But then I realized I kept getting spam with their news until I hit the stop button (or rather, select Hide Posts). I have had TV show and movie endings spoiled for me because of these news updates.  Exhibit A:  I subscribed to Dexter’s page because I liked the show.  I was still watching Season 3 on DVD (because I rarely have time to watch shows) and all of a sudden I see a post from Dexter talking about the death of a main character.  WTF.  So now I don’t like anything.  At all.  If I find it relevant, I may choose to subscribe or like it, but other than that, I rather go buy the product for a couple of dollars than force feed (get it? I made a pun) myself to read more crap.  So there.  I will like your page if 1) you are my friend, in which we have actually spoken to each other and conversations were made  2) you support something I truly care about.  I will automatically hate you if I see anything that makes me post in, like, or share a page/link on my facebook.  I’m trying to keep it clean, people.

Instagram.  I use this.  Not as often because I don’t like to spam my facebook with useless photos.  I mainly take one or two pictures every quarter and use it as my profile picture.  My instagram account is private.  If your company makes me take a picture and share it with the world, I’m gonna take one with a post-it that says “YOU SUCK”.  Stop making me do your marketing job.

Twitter.  I don’t have a twitter.  But I think it’s annoying when I see posts with # and @ on facebook.  Seriously.  Get out.  You’re already spamming me with useless tags I can’t do anything with.

Pinterest.  Okay, I don’t mind pinterest.  At least everything is kept organized and I don’t have to see other people’s messy boards and stupid links/photos.  And even if companies ask me to Pin their stuff, it’s not a big deal.  I can just pin it to a board labeled “JUNK”.  Kind of like how I separate my emails (using a spam email address) and postal mail (recycle bin).


One thought on “Why I Hate Social Media

  1. Bridgett says:

    I agree about the companies’ marketing tactics. SO annoying – some of them make you use an app that looks at ALL your info (why is my education history important to enter a contest?!?!) I won’t “like” something I’ve never even tried just to get a coupon or enter a contest. Sometimes I use the obligatory app to enter contest (as long as it doesn’t look at anything more than my e-mail address) and I delete it as soon as the contest is over.

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