Today You Can

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August 10, 2012 by Cassy

Today you can:


• Blaze a new trail
• Cross a continent
• Have fun
• Discover
• Escape the routine
• Unleash curiosity
• Set ambitious goals
• Take a risk
• Volunteer
• Create wonder
• Give more than you take
• Don’t worry about getting things done but make things happen
• Don’t aim for “good enough”
• Sing, dance, laugh
• Ignore the “cannots”
• Share something with someone
• Connect with someone
• Take 15 minutes for yourself
• Savor every bite
• Find your passion, goal, or dream
• Write it down and keep it close
• Be kind
• Not settle
• Pursue
• Be hungry for change
• Take a stance on passivity
• Get fired up
• Find your wings
• Be ready to learn
• Be ready to fail
• Be ready to take that leap


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