Smelly Things (The Bad)


August 24, 2012 by Cassy

Hey party peeps!  What’s going on?  I feel like I’ve been without the internet forever.  I went camping with my friends last weekend, and in case you’re wondering, it was 105 F outside since we were pretty much in the desert.  A third of my crew got some serious sunburns, and I ended up with a slight burn on my chin and nose.  I always forget about the nose, and that burns so easily!

Anyway, I was reading more into the fragrance world and I hate to break it to you but there’s a bad side to smelling good.  Chemicals in our perfumes can be bothersome to people, who can get headaches, breathing problems, asthma attacks, and various other issues.  This has happened to me in the past, during high school when a girl in front of me had on this perfume that would make my 5th period a torture (and not just because it’s Economics).  Many perfumes have chemicals such as ethanol, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, a-pinene, acetone, benzyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, linalool, a-terpinene, methylene chloride, a-terpineol, camphor, and limonene that can also be found in cigarettes.  The essences are no longer made of flowers, but of chemical or synthetic, and a lot more are made out of petroleum.  Many companies also don’t have concrete testing for irritability and allergies.

The ingredients listed on the cartons are almost discarded immediately after purchase, and sometimes stores don’t even display the cartons with the ingredients for you to see prior to purchase.  Just keep in mind that not all ingredients can be avoided, and companies that take a stance and use safe ingredients are far less recognized and popular at the stores.  Do your homework and research if you *really* want to purchase that fragrance.  Regular body soap and lotion works well for me before.


One thought on “Smelly Things (The Bad)

  1. Calosini says:

    It’s something I’ve thought about and would like to make a change in the future.

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