Common GMO Ingredients

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September 5, 2012 by Cassy

Happy Hump Day!  As you may or may not know, California is one of those states where we watch what we eat and put into/onto our bodies.  Products going into California has to meet Prop 65, which is the law that states the level limit of heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, etc.  Additionally, there is a new talk of having Prop 37 on the upcoming November ballot.  Prop 37 is the California Right to Know campaign in which products would have GMOs (genetically modified organisms) labeling.  For more info, you can click here.  This GMO labeling is already happening in the UK, so whether we pass this new Prop 37 or not, people will still pursue this and want companies to declare their GMO statuses.  Besides it costing companies a lot of headache and money to trace their ingredients, I think this is something that companies need to do anyway in order to differentiate and compete in their categories. This is moving and shaping our food and product culture, for the better.  It’s not that much different from the “Organic” labels.

But those who say that people are only going to start buying GMO-free products once this gets approved are wrong.  People are not going to just transition from GM products to non-GM products right away. There are a lot more involved in the science of consumer buying behavior.  People who say “if I have to pick between a GM product or a non GM product, I’d pay a little extra to get that purer product or not buy it at all” are severely underestimating the consumers’ buying habits.  Sure, knowing that there’s some genetically modified products in your food may make you pause, but these crops are modified to be more resistant to diseases.  Linking modified products to mutating your own human cells after consumption is a bit stretchy, in my opinion.  You’re not going to turn into a mutant (although that might be cool in the world of X-Men).  The World Health Organization says it’s safe and your government agrees.  And guess what, you’ve been consuming GM products your ENTIRE life anyway!  Ha!

Above:  Soybean, Tomato, Rice, Corn, Potato, Wheat, Canola, Cotton, Papaya, Honey


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