Ingredient: Chlorogenic acid

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September 11, 2012 by Cassy

Happy Tuesday!

This week at work, we’re discussing the possibility of using green coffee bean in one of our new products.  It’s funny how an ingredient gains so much attention after being featured on TV, specifically by Dr. Oz.  People don’t like to make decisions, and with Dr. Oz being the trusted source (maybe the only source) for their dietary nutrient information, it’s not surprising to see that almost all ingredients/products he endorses sell out like hotcakes.  But enough about the sheeple.  Green coffee beans are the newest craze, but this craze may just be good for you.

What’s the difference?  Green coffee beans and regular coffee beans came from the same beans.  The only difference is that green coffee beans are unroasted, which doesn’t give them that smoother taste.  It’s kind of like green, white, and black tea.  The leaves came from the same plant, but the process of extraction is different, giving them different health properties.

What are the benefit differences?  Regular coffee beans are associated with lower incident of diabetes, some cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and liver disease.  Green coffee beans can help reduce weight naturally by blocking absorption of fats, boosting fat-burning, and supporting healthy sugar and insulin levels.

What’s the active ingredient?  The naturally occurring antioxidant in green coffee beans are chlorogenic acids.  Chlorogenic acid is important in plant metabolism which seems to have the same effect on humans. It has been reported to:

  • slow down the release of glucose from the liver into the blood
  • significantly lower blood pressure and aid in weight control
  • improve brain performance and mental health
  • reduce oxidative stress, body fat, and energy uptake
  • offer anti-cancer properties

Final thoughts:  I can’t wait to get this at my Starbucks.


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