Fat Burning Ingredients

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September 19, 2012 by Cassy

So the holiday season is coming, that means I’ll be gaining some excess pounds.  However, you can keep those fat at bay with the following 5 ingredients.  Try to look for these and supplement your diet when you’re scarfing down that piece of extra honey-baked ham (yum).

  1. Green tea – Tea catechins can affect an enzyme involved in the breakdown of body fat.  Increased in the caffeine intake also showed a lower weight gain.
  2. Red hot peppers – Capsaicin can increase metabolism by influencing the activity of calcium channel proteins in the cell membrane.  The ingestion of red peppers decreased appetite and subsequent protein and fat intakes.
  3. Bitter orange – this stimulates thermogenesis and suppresses appetite because of p-synephrine, which helps increase lipolysis.  Ingesting a product containing bitter orange extract can also lead to increased fat oxidation.
  4. Seaweed (my favorite) – the fucoxanthin (a major carotenoid) found in edible seaweed has shown to boost fat burning in humans.  It increased a key molecule for metabolic thermogenesis.
  5. Raspberry – Raspberry ketone supplements can burn fat, are safe, are healthy, and have no side effects.  It also helps prevent and reduce obesity and fatty liver by increasing fat metabolism.

    So there you go.  Obviously, take care of yourself and don’t overdo it.


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