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September 27, 2012 by Cassy

Seems like every week, someone launches a new beauty company.  Every day, someone else launches a new product.  Today, I’ll just showcase a couple of products that were gaining some traction in September.

  1. 21 Drops.  As in 21 drops of therapeutic-grade essential oils.  This company has artisan blends of 100-percent natural, organic or wild crafted oils that address 21 universal concerns.
  2. Lipstock Cream is made by hand and uses a blend of 12 natural and organically grown ingredients like watermelon seed oil, marshmallow herb and organic avocado oil to pamper lips while moisturizing with a smooth, cream finish.  It’s also fragrance- and flavor-free, and uses a unique and playful tube that’s candy-wrapped in biodegradable wax paper to preserve freshness.
  3. Moor Skin & Body Care has Peat Water, which comes from the renowned Neydharting Moor in Austria, and Moor is the only beauty collection with rights to use it. Both Peat and Peat water contain more than 1,000 naturally sourced botanicals, herbs and nutrients—300 of which have been proven to have anti-aging properties.

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