Beauty Industry: 10 Trends

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October 1, 2012 by Cassy

Here’s what I’ve been noticing while working in the Health & Beauty industry.  Maybe these trends resonate nationwide, but I know we’re still very focused on hitting these elements in our products.

10.  Nutricosmetics (aka Beauty from Within) – Think anti-aging supplements, wrinkle-reducers, collagen-boosts.  Eco-friendly and all-natural products have had great success in this market.

9.  Sustainability – Consumers are obsessed with going green and being green.  However, there’s no concrete way to know if a company or product is green, and concerns for companies that claim to be green are also growing.

8.  Packaging – “Doing more with less” is in.  Something has to catch consumers’ attention, so if your packages can convey both function and benefits of the products, it’s always a plus.

7.  Natural & Organic – Really?  People are still buying the perception that natural and organic products are healthier.  I’m skeptical on this because of the lack of federal regulation on what is “natural”.

6.  Color – As in color cosmetics.  Seems like this segment is growing, which is exciting because that means more palettes to play with!

5.  Fragrance – This explains why I posted those perfume posts before.  People like to wear scents that says a lot about who they are and their uniqueness.

4.  Hair Care – Safety and preservatives are top concerns for this market.  In general, the shampoo and conditioners are becoming more specialized and customized.

3.  Foreign Markets – Yes!  Emerging, overseas markets!  Of course companies love to expand, but good luck on passing those foreign regulations!

2.  Delivery System – Customers want unique, specialized actives that deliver visible and tangible results.  This is great, because it means increased consumer knowledge on the ingredients!

1.  Brand – Loyalty, story, relationship, emotions, etc.  Product behavior, message, voice need to be consistent with its aesthetics and connected with the brand image.  This is so tough for many starting companies to understand, but many consumers form emotional attachments to their beauty brands and products.  They have to capture what’s in the consumers’ heads and hearts.


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